Widgeon as seen in the "Meet Widgeon" Badge

Widgeon is the creator of the ROBLOX game, The Plaza. He joined 4/6/2012 and has made other titles on Roblox including Mining INC! Lumber INC 3! and Mini Golf! He is curently working on Aegis, along with a side project AirX Flight Simulator. His Twitter description is 'Roblox Developer. You click the same upload button that I do, anything is possible if you work hard enough towards it. Snapchat:Ugrd Private:@WidgeonLeaks', along with the his strange description on @WidgeonLeaks 'Full time meme god, unfiltered thoughts of some silicon valley kid'. His normal clothing is pictured in the image to the right, although he has went through many different clothing combinations on his avatar including Ageis clothes and an invisible head. He always has OBC (most likely from when you could purchase lifetime Builders Club).

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