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Hello, and welcome to the first edition of The Plaza Paper. This is the headline, so I better say something major...erm...ok. A new issue is releases whenever there's a major update, and right now, it's the Valentine's Day update. All facts and data so far are gathered by me, through many resources. I guess that's all, so...check out the other sections!
February 14, 2016

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Today, the Valentine's day update came out. There was a sign outside that read "Valentines Day 2016". On top of that, all players who logged on that day got a special heart furniture item. A new code was released that gave people a Grumman Widgeon plane that circled around when put on a ceiling. An exploit blocker was also put into the game

All of these were created and documented in one of Widgeon's Twitch livestream.

Of course I'm very mistake-prone, so I need an editor to help me.

Well, that's all for issue one!