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The Plaza is a game created by ROBLOX player Widgeon. The game is based off of Tower Unite (previously known as "Gmod Tower" as a gamemode on Garry's Mod), created and developed by Pixeltail Studios. It takes place in a plaza-boardwalk fusion, on an unnamed island. The game itself has 201k+ likes, and over 840k favorites.

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Condos provide a place to stay, have parties, and decorate. In each server, there are 28 condos, 4 on each of the 7 floors.

See full page: Condos (Main: Condos were one of the plazas in The Plaza Game. It includes 1657 tenants and 9 floors.


See full page: The Boardwalk

The boardwalk is home to four shops:

And the furniture store, Plaza Decor. The Boardwalk is a plaza featuring 12 tenants and a ground floor.


See full page: Beach

The beach houses the lighthouse and the ferris wheel.