The Plaza Wikia

Vehicles are mobile machines to transport people in The Plaza and Plaza Kartz. Vehicles can be bought at The Plaza Dealership, The Plaza FBO and Boats n Boats, as well as the Karts used in Plaza Kartz, which are free, but can not be used in the main game.



Photo Name Type Description Price
Monotracer Land vehicle A very fast vehicle that seats two, with a top speed of 60. It's also very slim, making it easy to pass other vehicles. However, it can only be bought for Robux. 200R$
Jeep Land Vehicle A decent vehicle with good terrain navigation, and also being quite fast 15000PP
Golfcart Land Vehicle A very common vehicle for those who don’t wish to spend much money. It has decent mobility stats, and can climb steep inclines such as stairs more easily as the Jeep, but isn't as fast as it. 10000PP
Limo Land Vehicle A fancy car with leopard-print seating, a table, and a minibar. This is the most expensive thing in The Plaza that can be bought with Plaza Points. 100000PP
Heli Aircraft This vehicle has 3 seats, the most of any aircraft in the game. It's not that fast, but it's very useful for transporting other players. 1000R$
Seminole Aircraft A faster version of the Archer, whichalso has 2 passenger seats instead of 1. It's the most expensive item in The Plaza. 1500R$
Archer Aircraft The only aircraft that can be bought with Plaza Points. It's perfect for performing sick aerial stunts. 35000PP
Yacht Boat A large boat with plenty of seats for partying. 30000PP
Speedboat Boat A simple and fast boat with three seats. 20000PP


Photo Name Type Description
Train Train An automated train that goes from the Tower Station to the Boardwalk.