The Plaza Wikia

Vehicles are mobile machines to transport people in The Plaza and Plaza Kartz. Vehicles can be bought at The Plaza Dealership, The Plaza FBO and Boats n Boats, as well as the Karts used in Plaza Kartz, which are free, but can not be used in the main game.



Photo Name Type Description Price
Monotracer Land vehicle A fast vehicle that seats two and can be purchased using robux. 200R$
Jeep Land Vehicle A decent vehicle with good terrain navigation, seats four 15000PP
Golfcart Land Vehicle A very common vehicle for those who don’t wish to spend much money, has decent mobility stats. 10000PP
Limo Land Vehicle A fancy car with leopard-print seating, a table, a minibar, and definitely no seatbelts. Very expensive. 100000PP
Heli Aircraft A pricy vehicle however worth flying. 1000R$
Seminole Aircraft Just buy the helicopter. 1500R$
Archer Aircraft As it’s name suggests, it is a fast plane, perfect for performing sick aerial stunts. 35000PP
Yacht Boat A large boat with plenty of seats for partying. 30000PP
Speedboat Boat A simple and fast boat with three seats. 20000PP


Photo Name Type Description
Train Train An automated train that goes from the Tower Station to the Boardwalk.