Vehicles are mobile machines to transport people in The Plaza and Plaza Kartz. Vehicles can be bought at The Plaza Dealership, The Plaza FBO and Boats n Boats, as well as the Karts used in Plaza Kartz, which are free, but can not be used in the main game.



Photo Name Type Description Price
Monotracer Land vehicle a bike for badass future dudez 200R$
Jeep Land Vehicle nice vehicle for normal dudes 15000PP
Golfcart Land Vehicle car for slow bitches 10000PP
Limo Land Vehicle Go through the Plaza with this fancy car. 100000PP
Buzzard Atack Heli Aircraft best aircraft ever and easy to fly 1000R$
Seminole Aircraft fast reliable plane but costs too much 1500R$
Archer Aircraft sick aircraft that u can fly and do stunts 35000PP
Yacht Boat cruise around da ocean with some motherf#ckers partying 30000PP
Speedboat Boat speedy boi classic 'n' life 20000PP


Photo Name Type Description
Train Railway vehicle ride for motherf#ckers
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