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Condos are something like hotels. You can live in the condo until you get out of the tower (meaning that you check out), unless you have the perk 'Reserved Condo'. You may then book your condo after checking out.

The tower has a total of seven floors. The first five floors are normal condos and the last two are super condos.

The number of the condo depends on the floor number and the position of it. If the condo is on the second floor, the first number of the condo is 2. If the condo is on the sixth floor, the first number of the condo is 6. The second number is all the same, 0. The third number is determined by the position of the condo. Example, if your condo is the first from the left, the number is 1. If your condo is the second from the right, the number is 3.

If a condo is on the fifth floor, second from the left, the condo number would be 502.

To get a condo, you will have to walk to Josh, which is at the front desk of T

oweC condos, to check in a random condo. Behind the front desk is a lift where you caaccess every floor quickly.y.

When you get in your condo you will see a GUI with three buttons, "Paint", "Customize" and "Settings".

The GUI "Paint" allows you to paint your condo with the colours and materials that you have bought from the store in the Plaza Boardwalk, the button "Customize" allows you to place furniture you have bought from Plaza Decor and Dan's Electronics. You may rotate by pressing R and X to delete. To delete furniture you will have to hover your cursor above the furniture you would like to delete then press X. There is currently not an option to rotate or move your furniture after it being placed so you will need to delete it then place it again.

Items inside your condo are saved, so if you leave the Tower Condos, or the game and then check in again, your furniture will be in the same position you left it before checking out or leaving. That applies to colors and materials also.

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