The Plaza Wikia

What are codes?[]

Codes are well, a code, that once entered in the “Twitter code” text box, can give a certain reward to the player, ranging from Plaza Points to furniture items. Codes are not guaranteed to work, we here at the Gmod Tower and Plaza help desk do not take responsibility for items not being received from codes.

Redeemable/unknown status[]


Gives the player a poster of a level 1 weapon in Widgeon’s game, Aegis. It is the only redeemable code apart from the lighthouse ones so far.

CODE1234 (or whatever number code you get) (Notice: This is not technically a redeemable code due to it being random)

Gives the player a lighthouse decoration and the Beacon badge, only if they have the code that they got from the lighthouse. This is the only other redeemable code apart from AEGIS.

Expired codes[]


Possibly gives the player Plaza Points


Possibly gives the player Plaza Points