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The Casino is one of the buildings of The Plaza Beta, where with a little luck you can get amazing prizes. You have 3 games available in which to participate to win PP at the Casino: Spin To Win - Slots - Plaza Jack

Spin To Win :

In this game you will have to spin a wheel where randomly, you can play the following prizes:''' Nothing / One Rock / One Piano / One Bonfire / One Statue of Yourself(the statue does not show your face and accessory so basically it will only show your skin tone and your shirts and pants)/ 1 PP / 10 PP / 100 PP / 1500 PP


Slots are machines where pressing a button will begin to turn 3 wheels with Fruits, Numbers, or a Big Win that when standing, depending on how many of each type, you will get a quantity of PP. These are the results:

2x Same Things = 60 PP

3x Same Things = 200 PP!

3x Big Win = 3000 PP & Special Decoration!!! GG BIG WIN!!

Plaza Jack

Plaza Jack is a game that refers to Blackjack, a casino card game that consists of adding a value close to 21 without going overboard:

In this game you will bet 20 PP against your opponent, if you lose you do not win anything, if you win your opponent you will get 40 PP

The game can be played against the machine without the presence of a player *

The New Rule of The Casino

Some time ago Roblox approved a new rule that forced Widgeon to drastically change the casino. At the beginning the Casino was unlimited, with the condition of paying an amount of PP for using a machine. Since the new norm was made, all the players had access to be able to play limited to the machines. specifically we have:

20 Opportunities: Spin To Win

50 Opportunities: Slots


50 Opportunities: Plaza Jack.

When you run out of opportunities, you will have to wait 24 hours for the limit to restart. The only way to be able to have unlimited runs now is buying the Gamepass Premium

(Gamepass Link: Premium)


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