Información básica de The Archer y cómo conducirlo
We have all gone to the airport of The Plaza and we have looked at the prices of the planes, although the Archer differs in being the only Airplane that can be bought with PP in The Plaza.

A question that many are asked to have an Archer is, how to drive it. These do not have the traditional controls of W A S D, but you have to follow these steps:

  1. Press F to Start the Engine
  2. Press SHIFT to Start Raising the Speed
  3. Use W A S D to Control the Plane
  4. Grab Speed and Press S to Start taking off
  1. When you're in the air, use A & D to Move the Plane Sideways and enjoy the flight

(When you try to land, use the CONTROL to slow down)

This driving system also applies to the Seminole and the Helicopter *

Cost of the Helicopter: 1000 ROBUX

Cost of the Seminole: 1500 ROBUX


- flamenco687 & lovegamingandvlogs

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