The archer is a flying vehicle that can be obtained by buying it at the airport for 35000 PP. The archer has 2 seats, however with the clever use of glitching and other FAA violations you can carry multiple passengers.

The archer looks very similar to the Seminole, yet it's slower and costs less. (Trivia: The Elite Temple uses an archer to fly in the 1700s)

How to fly the Archer:

  1. Press "F" to Start the Engine
  2. Press "SHIFT" to Start Raising the Speed
  3. Grab Speed and Press S to Start taking off
  4. When you're in the air use A and D to move sideways.
  5. To land press "W" to lower your altitude. And press "Control" to lower your speed.
  6. Finally, press "F" again to stop the Engine.

This driving system also applies to the Seminole and the Helicopter * tsssssssssk!


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